Crocodile Dundee

Get ready for Crocodile adventure, tour starts from Cortalim jetty. Crocodiles are best seen when the tide’s going low. They come out of the water onto the banks to bask in the sun. Being cold blooded, they need to warm up to maintain their body temperature and also to destroy the fungus and bacteria harboring on their bodies.

To avoid being disturbed, some crocodiles hide and expertly blend into the mangrove canopy surroundings, very, very well camouflaged. It takes a keen and experienced expert to spot them. Here is where our boatmen come in, skilled, trained with years of experience and a keen sight.

They will point out the crocodiles to the guests. The fun is to watch if the guests can spot them first. The boatmen maneuver the boat slowly and cautiously, along the creek surveying the banks until a crocodile is spotted. You will be amazed, how the boatmen can pickup a croc out of their hiding.

Stop for lunch in an Indian traditional manner.After lunch back to hotel. 

CARRY                     : Suntan lotion, hats, camera & money

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